Jordan Jasmin - Songwriter, Singer, Drummer, Poet

About a month ago, I met an extremely talented artist, Jordan Jasmin (facebook).  She was looking to get a couple of her projects together for distribution on social media and her website, and after reading her work, I instantly knew that I wanted to work with her.  Well, fast forward and we have our first collaboration ready for you all to see.  Jordan is the creative genius, and I shot, directed, and edited the final video.

Jordan Jasmin and Raymund Kubassek after shooting 450 Ton Dream
Jordan Jasmin and Raymund Kubassek

Jordan has a great story and a heart to match… I encourage you to visit her website at and read more about her.

It’s with great pleasure, I share with you our first collaboration video.


450 Ton Piece of Metal With Wings

Raymund Kubassek
Growing up a creative in photography and art, I stepped away for many years to follow money over passion. Still a successful enterprise software engineer, I have my passion for creativity back in my life through photography and videography.
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